Wait Pool

What is a Wait Pool?

Once an applicant has completed the admission process (referrals, interview(s), and testing) and meets the criteria to be admitted, Grace Academy considers how many seats are available in the grade.  If there is no available space in the grade, the family will be notified that the application is being placed in the wait pool for the academic year to which they have applied. Families may then choose to remain in the wait pool or decline that option. We advise that families remain in the wait pool, as space may become available at any point. If and when a space opens up, the Admission Committee will consider all applications in the wait pool for that grade to fill the open seat.

  • Can an application be moved from the wait pool and be admitted to enroll?  Yes! Circumstances that bring about an opening in a grade level vary greatly and can happen at any point in the calendar year. If a family declines an offer to remain in the wait pool, their application will not be considered if space does become available.  
  • What is the difference between a wait list and a wait pool?  A wait list determines the next applicant to enroll as space becomes available. A wait pool allows the Admission Committee to consider the unique facets of each application in light of the grade level opening in order to determine which applicant(s) is offered the space(s).
  • Does remaining in the wait pool obligate us to enroll if we are offered a space? No. 
  • Is there a fee to remain in the wait pool?  No. 

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To learn more about Grace Academy contact our Director of Admissions at admissions@gracetx.org.