Join us for our Forum presentation on education and the modern world by Dr. Steve Turley of Tall Oaks Classical School and Eastern University.
When: Friday, February 8, 7:00 P.M. — 8:30 P.M.
Open to the public.

Recovering Truth, Goodness, and Beauty in Our Time

Is there such a thing as objective truth, goodness, and beauty? How do these ideas shape our view of the world and how does our view of the world affect our hearts, minds, and souls? Join Dr. Turley as he draws from writers, ranging from Plato to C.S. Lewis, and guides us on a journey, contrasting the approaches of both classical and contemporary education, particularly with regard to aesthetics. As Lewis explains, the cultivation of virtue was central to classical education, while modern education stifles such moral formation by teaching a scientifically-inspired mechanistic vision of the world. Through classical education, our affections can be trained to love what’s truly lovely — leading to the experience of greater human flourishing.
About Dr. Steve Dr. Turley
Steve Turley (PhD, Durham University) is an internationally recognized scholar, speaker, and classical guitarist. He is the author of over 20 books, including Classical vs. Modern Education: A Vision from C.S. LewisAwakening Wonder: A Classical Guide to Truth, Goodness, and Beauty, and The Ritualized Revelation of the Messianic Age: Washings and Meals in Galatians and 1 Corinthians. Steve’s popular YouTube channel showcases weekly his expertise in the rise of nationalism, populism, and traditionalism throughout the world, and his podcasts and writings on civilization, society, culture, education, and the arts are widely accessed at He is a faculty member at Tall Oaks Classical School in Bear, DE, where he teaches Theology and Rhetoric, and Professor of Fine Arts at Eastern University. Steve lectures at universities, conferences, and churches throughout the U.S. and abroad. His research and writings have appeared in such journals as Christianity and Literature, Calvin Theological Journal, First ThingsTouchstone, and The Chesterton Review. He and his wife, Akiko, have four children and live in Newark, DE, where they together enjoy fishing, gardening, and watching Duck Dynasty marathons.
Books by Dr. Steve Turley
We will have a book table of available resources at the Grace Academy Forum! Check out these books written by our speaker, particularly related to his presentation. All of these books will be available at the Forum and are also available for purchase online.