Our movement began over two decades ago.

The seeds to plant a classical Christian school in Georgetown, TX were first sown when four families gathered to discuss the state of education in America and how they might transform it. At the time,  classical Christian education—an educational model whose roots grow deep in the soil of Western Civilization—was gaining traction in pockets across the country. As these four families continued to meet, a prayerful resolve began to form for them to provide a Christ-centered education with strong academics for their children.  In 2001 several other families joined the movement and in God's providence, in 2007 we attained our permanent campus situated on our current 35 beautiful acres. From four families, Grace Academy has grown to over 300 students in grades K-12 and over 50 faculty and staff. But the growth has resulted in an immediate need for a space to collectively meet on campus. Now it is time to gather together.

Gym Renderings

While the end results of building a gym are no doubt exciting, getting there takes quite a bit of forethought during the construction process. We are pleased to share with you the updated renderings for our new gym. Floor plans from the architect will be made available soon. 

Thoughts on a Gym

Thoughts on a Stage


Please consider sharing this need with others and giving as you are able. Your participation will help ensure that Grace has a place for our growing community to gather.