We are the Grace Academy Griffins. 

While griffins appear in popular culture from time to time, many people have never heard of them. So, what is a griffin anyway? The griffin is a mythological creature composed of a lion’s body and an eagle’s head and wings. Its history is over 5,000 years old, and in the ancient world it was considered a symbol of power, majesty, and even divinity. Given that the lion was traditionally considered to be the king of beasts and the eagle was considered to be the king of birds, the griffin (as a combination of these two) was thought of as the king of all creatures both on the earth and in the sky. During the Medieval period   the griffin continued to be used as a symbol of strength and courage, and images of griffins appeared on coats of arms, castle walls, the shields of knights, and the crest of Trinity College, Oxford. Griffins also are mentioned in the writings of Dante and Milton, both classical Christian authors. For many Christians the dual-natured griffin that is lord of earth and sky became a symbol of the god-man Jesus Christ, Lord of all, whose nature is both human and divine.

Hi, welcome to Grace Academy. I can't wait to see you on campus. 

- Griff the Griffin