Transformative education for Christian families

Thank you for exploring the potential of an education that points students to truth, goodness, and beauty.  Grace Academy is dedicated to the education, spiritual growth, and character development of young men and women regardless of their family's financial means. Grace Academy offers REDUCED TUITION to families for a variety of reasons in order to lower tuition costs.  Families may qualify for need-based tuition scholarships based upon both the FACTS analysis of their application and available funds. In addition, families may qualify for reduced tuition based having more than 2 students from the same family attend Grace Academy.  Families may also qualify for both need-based  scholarships and the lower tuition rate associated with more than 2 enrolled students. 

Grace Academy offers two payment options for tuition:

  1. A 12-month payment plan from May-April through FACTS Tuition Management.
  2. A one-time lump sum payment for the year through FACTS Tuition Management. Families who pay in full by the first business day of May for the subsequent school year receive a 5% tuition discount.

"Our kids have attended Grace for 4 years now. It's amazing to see how a Christ centered Classical education is shaping their lives. Though it’s a sacrifice for our family, we consider Grace an investment with both temporal and eternal reward….and that’s a sacrifice worth making."
- Grace Academy Mom