TUITION FOR 2024-2025

GRAMMAR SCHOOL (Grades 1-5): $11,918
UPPER SCHOOL (Grades 6-12): $12,443

Tuition fees cover the cost of the educational program. Tuition includes all curriculum and text books, some classroom supplies and most field trips. Tuition does not cover the school uniform, hot lunch, a yearbook, or certain grade level specific school supplies (ex. graphing calculator, study bible). Grace Academy uses FACTS Tuition Management Services to facilitate tuition payment through the following options:

OPTION 1 - Pay in Full (July 1)
OPTION 2 - Pay in 2 payments (July 1 and December 1)
OPTION 3 - Pay in 12 installments (May-April, 2% finance charge)


Grace Academy is dedicated to the education, spiritual growth, and character development of young men and women regardless of their family's financial means. Grace Academy offers Tuition Assistance to families with demonstrated financial need. Our Tuition Assistance Program uses FACTS Tuition Management, a third party service that analyzes each applicant's financial status to give a recommendation as to what the family can reasonably contribute towards tuition. Families may qualify for Tuition Assistance based upon both the FACTS analysis of their application and available funds. 

Applications for Tuition Assistance are processed at the same time as Admission Applications.  Interested families should apply for Tuition Assistance by the Priority Admissions deadline of February 1.

"Our kids have attended Grace for 4 years now. It's amazing to see how a Christ centered Classical education is shaping their lives. Though it’s a sacrifice for our family, we consider Grace an investment with both temporal and eternal reward….and that’s a sacrifice worth making."
- Grace Academy Mom