During the Rhetoric stage, students learn to clearly express themselves and defend their understanding of the truth by communicating winsomely and effectively. in these final years at Grace Academy, students bring the knowledge they gained in the Grammar and Logic stages and apply it in solving difficult problems, becoming self-aware, and expressing their thoughts and understanding of concepts through both oral and written assignments. It is the Rhetoric School's objective to cultivate Christian virtues in students.  While the School of Rhetoric will certainly prepare our graduates for college, the chief end of education is to prepare students to worship and glorify God.

Rhetoric School Trips:

9th Grade: Washington DC
10th Grade: Team Building Trip 
11th Grade: Mission Trip
12th Grade: Italy Trip

Rhetoric Retreats:

Fall Team Building Retreat
Spring Leadership Retreat


The Rhetoric School can be described in terms of methods of teaching, culture, and curriculum.