Beginning with the end in mind. Character formation begins by thinking about the end goals. We call this collection of goals a "Portrait of a Graduate." We desire to cultivate students who:

Love the Lord their God with all their Heart, Soul, and Mind

  • Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior
  • Be able to articulate and explain the reasons for their faith
  • Think and live according to a Christian worldview
  • Possess a broad knowledge of Scripture and apply it to their lives
  • Live a lifestyle of prayer and Scripture memorization
  • Steward wisely their resources of time, talent, and health
  • Manifest a disposition of gratitude
  • Participate actively in local and global church ministry
  • Display the fruit of the Spirit
  • Demonstrate humility and servant leadership
  • Identify and compassionately address the needs of others

Love the True, the Good, and the Beautiful

  • Have broad exposure to the liberal arts and sciences, philosophy, and theology
  • Understand the historical development of the various academic disciplines
  • Recognize the interconnectedness between the branches of knowledge
  • Be academically prepared for success in college
  • Have the ability to identify, appreciate, and interpret high-quality art and music
  • Engage in biblically-grounded and well-reasoned public discourse
  • Demonstrate boldness and courage to stand up for what they believe
  • Appreciate the ability of written and spoken words to communicate truth, goodness, and beauty
  • Possess a foundation of classical languages
  • Speak and write articulately, eloquently, and persuasively

Love Learning

  • Possess the habits, dispositions, and skills of a life-long learner
  • Be self-motivated to learn independently
  • Have a strong and disciplined work ethic
  • Reason soundly with discernment and understanding
  • Think in a way that is both principled and independently creative
  • Read avidly and with critical wisdom

"What if education wasn't first and foremost about what we know, but about what we love?”

- James K.A. Smith