At Grace Academy, your child will be known, loved, and cared for. 

Fully accredited by the ACCS, the Grace Academy kindergarten program is truly one of a kind. We offer small class sizes in both full day and half day programs.

Grace Academy teachers are deeply invested in the hearts and minds of our youngest students. Children participate in developmentally appropriate activities that promote spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth while providing a rich academic foundation in the classical tradition. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, children are taught to love the Lord, honor each other, and respect their environment — an emphasis on restoring these seemingly lost virtues resides in every classroom.

CHOOSING A KINDERGARTEN that is right for your child is no easy task. We encourage you to visit a variety of kindergarten programs while school is in session to help you determine the best fit for your child. While visiting, here are some general things to look for:

  • A vibrant setting: Is artwork displayed on the walls? Is music incorporated into learning? Is there an overall feeling of creativity and action?

  • Procedures to ensure order and cultivate kindness: How does the teacher handle discipline?

  • How teachers and staff interact with the children: Are they warm and attentive?

  • Outdoor play opportunities: What does it mean for the school?

  • Teacher to student ratio: Can the teacher adequately handle the class size?