Preparing your child for life beyond Grace Academy.

Grace Academy offers the academic rigor necessary to prepare your student for a successful college experience. Advanced Placement and dual credit courses are offered in 11th and 12th grades as part of our curriculum. We believe the purpose of college is not merely vocational training but also the further development of one’s intellect and soul. Thus, finding a good fit between student and college is our highest priority as we work with students through the college search and application process.


While our students’ final measure of success certainly does not lie in awards, we are proud of our graduates' many accomplishments. Graduates of Grace Academy have been awarded numerous scholarships and earned degrees in various fields including biology, business, engineering, English, and math. Since the first graduating class in 2008, four Grace Academy students have been named National Merit Finalists, and three have been recognized as Commended Scholars.


Graduation College Prep Prepared High School

What people are saying about Grace Academy graduates...

"Ashton arrived at Rhodes extraordinarily well prepared by her education at Grace. She possessed an impressive amount of background knowledge about the classical and biblical worlds, had sharp analytical skills and wrote beautifully. Thoughtful, poised, and pleasant, she was one of the best students I have encountered in twenty-plus years of college teaching."

- Dr. Geoff Blackwell

Professor, Rhodes College, Memphis, TN