Our Campus

The special atmosphere at Grace Academy is partly due to our unique property. This beautiful 35-acre campus now houses nine classroom/office buildings, and the long-term campus master plan includes a gymnasium, theater, and expanded athletic fields as well as permanent classroom and office space.

Upon entering campus one immediately experiences the impact of the natural landscape. Children play under oak trees or eat lunch in a shaded outdoor amphitheater; chickens in the school’s coop cluck and lay eggs; butterflies flit among the flowers; resident purple martins perform their aerial acrobatics; the wet-season pond reflects spectacular sunrises.  

Grace Academy’s campus thus creates opportunities for all kinds of study and learning that would be difficult to provide on a different property. Art classes draw wildflowers while sitting amongst them; science classes hold labs outside and perform outdoor experiments of all kinds; kindergarten students go on fossil-hunting expeditions.

Through exploring, discovering, and using the unique natural resources our campus provides, students are pointed toward the Creator of all and learn to give him glory as they enjoy his creation.