At Grace Academy, we believe that engaging in athletics is part of a well-rounded education. First and foremost, we want our athletes to glorify God and build Christ-like character through their participation in athletic competition. Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, and physically training our bodies is a form of stewardship that glorifies God. We also want our athletes to learn the value of teamwork as well as the skills of setting and accomplishing goals. As members of a team, students learn to commit themselves to their teammates, work together toward common goals, and put the success of the team above their success as individuals. As our athletic teams represent Grace Academy in interscholastic competition, we want them to be witnesses to spectators, opponents, and officials of Christ-like character and good sportsmanship.

Grace Academy high school teams compete in the Texas Christian Athletic League (TCAL), while our elementary and middle school teams compete in the Austin Christian Athletic Association (ACAA). Grace offers students in 5th-12th grade the opportunity to compete in the following sports:

Girls volleyball (elementary, middle school, and varsity)

Boys and girls cross country (middle school and varsity)

Boys flag football (elementary and middle school)

Boys and girls basketball (elementary, middle school, and varsity)

Boys and girls track and field (elementary, middle school, and varsity)

Co-ed soccer (elementary and middle school)

Boys and girls tennis (middle school and varsity)

Boys and girls golf (middle school and varsity)

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