Upper School

The Upper School at Grace Academy is comprised of 6th through 12th grade and is founded on the seven traditional liberal arts: grammar, logic, rhetoric, arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy. While these disciplines are present in students’ course of study from kindergarten to twelfth grade, it is through their years in the Upper School that students gain mastery in each subject area as they prepare to complete their Grace Academy education. For centuries these subjects have constituted the educational foundation of great thinkers, and in the 21st century they continue to equip our students with the knowledge and skills they will need to successfully study any number of disciplines in the future.

Upper School students’ study of math, science, history, literature, and foreign languages builds on the strong academic foundation laid by our Grammar School. History and literature courses encompass the study of western civilization from Egypt, Israel, Greece, and Rome all the way to our modern times. We agree with Cicero that, “Not to know what happened before you were born is to be a child forever,” and through these studies students learn much about the nature of human beings as well as societies and civilizations. A classical liberal arts curriculum also involves extensive studies in math and science, and Upper School students at Grace Academy progress through an advanced sequence in both mathematics and the natural sciences. Another key component of a classical education is the study of foreign languages, and all 6th-8th graders continue their studies in Latin that began in 3rd grade. Starting in 9th grade students have the option of continuing in advanced Latin literature courses or studying classical Greek. In Latin literature courses students read original sources from Cicero to Newton, while Greek students study the New Testament alongside work by ancient authors such as Herodotus and Plato.

The Upper School Scope and Sequence is further distinguished by courses in theology, philosophy, logic, rhetoric, and the Fine Arts. Through the integrated study of various disciplines, students come to a holistic understanding of knowledge, themselves, and the world around them. The totality of this work is best demonstrated by the Senior Thesis Seminar in which all seniors write, publicly present, and orally defend a 15-20 page research paper. Our goal is that by the time students graduate from Grace Academy they will embody the characteristics found in our Portrait of a Graduate and will have been trained and nurtured by our excellent Upper School Faculty into lifelong learners who are academically prepared for the next steps of their educational journey.