Grammar School

The Grammar School at Grace Academy is comprised of kindergarten through 5th grade. From their first days in kindergarten onward, students set out on a journey of wonder and learning that will last a lifetime. Throughout their years in Grammar School, students gather the tools of learning that they will need for the next stages of their journey. Thus from the early grades on they learn the foundations of reading, writing, and mathematics. They study history and literature chronologically in order to build an understanding of who they are and where they come from. The study of Bible is integrated into all subjects as students learn that all truth is God’s truth and all stories are ultimately God’s story. Knowledge of creation comes also through the study of the natural sciences as students explore and investigate the world around them. Starting in third grade all students begin learning Latin, and they soon enjoy reading short stories in Latin that relate to their lessons in Bible and history. Latin study also increases their English reading abilities as it builds their vocabulary and comprehension skills. Grammar students also benefit from art, music, and physical education classes. Our physical education curriculum fosters the development of gross motor skills that are critical for brain development, spacial awareness, and emotional well-being. Physical education also equips students with important social skills and teaches the importance of working together as a team. Fine Arts classes include music, visual art, and drama. Through the study of these subjects students learn to appreciate beauty and to express themselves artistically. At Grace Academy, student learning often extends beyond the walls of the classroom. God has graciously provided us with an incredible outdoor learning center of thirty-five acres nestled in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Here students have hands-on experiences with the wonders of creation through our vegetable gardens, chicken coop, butterfly gardens, bird houses, and a marvelous fossil-filled creek. Hands-on learning is also experienced through field trips that support the Grammar School Scope and Sequence. In addition to all these learning opportunities, Grammar students enjoy the great blessings of learning under the guidance of a Grammar School Faculty who truly love their students, love the subjects they teach, and love the Lord above all else. Our Grammar teachers serve as engaging guides who create a joyful environment for students to learn as they become equipped for their ongoing education in the Upper School.