Cultivating students of wisdom and virtue.

Grace Academy exists to glorify God by serving parents in providing their children a distinctly Christ-centered, academically excellent, classical education as a foundation for life-long learning.

Our SIX CORE DISTINCTIVES reflect this mission and demonstrate our desire to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and vision necessary to be effective leaders and servants for Christ in a wide variety of professions and vocations. At Grace Academy we seek to raise up a generation of young people who have a genuine love of learning, who love Jesus Christ with all their hearts and minds, and who can articulate the Christian message with clarity, creativity, and power. 

A brief history.

The seeds to plant a classical Christian school in Georgetown, TX were first sown in 2000 by four families committed to providing a Christ-centered education with strong academics for their children.  In 2001 several other families joined and in God's providence, Grace Academy now serves over 320 students in grades K-12 represented by families who attend over 40 local churches. God blessed us with a permanent campus home in 2007. The GRACE ACADEMY CAMPUS is situated on 35 beautiful acres in Georgetown, Texas, just north of Austin, upon which students have the unique opportunity to learn, explore, and create. Our philosophy of education is rooted in our mission statement:

Education is always about formation.

For the last century or so, American education has been dominated by the goal of training students to become workers who support U.S. democracy.  Many believe the best life our children can aspire to is one of personal, financial, and political independence; therefore, parents place a high value on these ideals.  As a result, modern education has become a process which forms children to desire and accomplish these goals. The methods of modern education treat students simply as receptacles for filling with unconnected, prefabricated bits of information tailored for the sole purpose of meeting standardized testing requirements.

Classical Christian education follows a much older, more reliable path of formation that most highly values wisdom and virtue. It is about training students to become something, namely, lovers of God who are awakened and attuned to His beauty, goodness, and truth. A school that does not purposefully seek to form its students in this way will, intentionally or unintentionally, form them to become intellectually narrow and morally indifferent. In other words, removing God from our schools does not remove religious bias; formation in school is not optional. For more information on this topic, we invite you to listen to the audio series below: 

"The Myth of a Neutral Education", by RC Sproul